Teacher counseling was conducted by Ms Sujatha Sriram, Psychologist and Special Educator, at BPS Athur.

The session started with a brief introduction by the Principal on counseling. Ms Sujatha started the session by asking the teachers to set up small term and long term goals to help the students communicate with them. She stressed on the responsibilities of a teacher towards their students inside and outside the classroom:
– competent to set the tone of their respective classrooms
– build a warm environment
– mentor and nurture student
– become a role model
– listen and look for signs of trouble

The teachers also discussed strategies to be adopted for students with learning disability. Key takeaways for the teachers were: observation, empathy, sensitivity and objectivity in dealing with students.

Finally, the Headmistress presented new teaching methodologies, assessment strategies and the new curriculum to be adopted for the academic year 2018-2019.