Audio Visual Room

Children view presentations and documentaries that supplement the classroom learning:

  • To demonstrate theorems in arithmetic and geometry
  • To demonstrate physics laws and experiments and applications in the real world
  • To demonstrate chemical experiments

Week Boarding

Accommodation in A/C dorms with WiFi connectivity for students from Monday to Friday. Transportation to/from school within a 50-km radius provided for weekday boarders.

AC Auditorium

Renovated in 2014, the air-conditioned O V Alagesan auditorium is equipped with high end sound systems and seats up to 500 people. The school conducts a winter music festival, featuring prominent Indian artistes, every January. Parents and students have free access to this festival.

Language Lab

The language lab helps students master spoken English. The language teacher is able to monitor each student’s performance and address areas of weakness before allowing the student to move to the next level.

School Bus

The school bus transfers students within a 15-km radius to/from school.