Brindavan Public School follows a set of fixed rules in the interest of student safety.

Visitors are permitted once a month (on a weekend). At the time of admission, parents should specify the names of visitors who may be permitted to meet the children and furnish their address and telephone numbers. Only these visitors will be allowed to meet the children. Under no circumstances will visitors be entertained during work hours.

The fourth Saturday of every month. Children may be taken out Friday at 4 Pm from the school, and brought back by 5PM on Sunday.

Pocket money and valuables
Pocket money will be strictly regulated by the school. Parents are requested not to send money directly to children. Children are not expected to have cash in their possession. All cash must be deposited with the school office. Jewelery, cell phones and valuables as also electric and electronic gadgets are strictly forbidden and the school cannot be held responsible for any loss of such items.

Vacation schedules will be announced in writing well in advance. Groups of children going home and returning from vacation will be escorted by the school staff. The school should be informed at the beginning of the term, about the inability of the parents or authorised persons to pick up the child from the school. In the event of an escort being provided by parents, the Principal should be informed in advance. The escort must furnish a letter of authorisation by the parents.

If under any circumstance a boarder or day scholar, is to be withdrawn from the school at any time during the academic year, three months notice shall be given and fees for the year shall be paid in full. If a child studying in the school does not report for the following year and the school had not received any notice of withdrawal, the first term fees pertaining to the year shall be payable. The Transfer Certificate shall not be issued until this is paid.
The school reserves the right to ask a parent to withdraw a child for poor academic progress or on grounds of misconduct and/or indiscipline. In the event of a withdrawal during school session on account of misconduct and/or indiscipline, the school fees will stand forfeited.

Phone Calls
Parents may speak to their children over the phone on Saturday afternoons and on Sundays only. Phone calls will not be allowed on working days. In cases of emergency, the children may be spoken to after obtaining the approval of the Principal.