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BPS Starts New Academic Year Online

All the Brindavan schools begin their 2020-21 academic year via online classes on 10th June. Junior classes will be online between 9 AM and 11:30 AM while senior classes will be online from 12 noon till 4:30 PM. Prolonged lack of physical activity, mental stimulation and routines can be detrimental to children’s health. In these […]

Sports – An Integral Part of School Life

In the prevailing ultra-competitive scenario in India, parents often give far too much importance to academic results. There is no arguing that getting good marks in examinations is important. However, the role that sports plays in overall academic success must not be underestimated. School is not just a place where knowledge is imbibed – it […]

Boarding School – Why It Is the Best Option

Placing a child in a boarding school is a sacrifice for parents who will not have their children living with them for months on end. For children too, the initial thought of leaving home to live in a school is often a reason or fear and being unsettled. However, with an objective assessment of the […]