The Founder Chairman of Bhaktavatsalam Educational Trust, Mr O V Alagesan, had the unique distinction of being the only person from Tamil Nadu to march with Mahatma Gandhi and his group of satyagrahis for one day during the Dandi March. He was 18 then. He returned to Tamil Nadu after the exhilarating experience of his just-in-time meeting with Gandhi to join Rajaji and his band of 100 volunteers on the Salt March from Trichy to Vedaranyam. The first of his many incarcerations followed.

From the age of 18, until he breathed his last at the age of 80, O V Alagesan put his country and its people first and foremost. He was a man of keen observation and clear perception. In post-1947 India, he found that good schools and colleges were coming up in the urban areas. With the immediate and large patronage, these institutions were going from strength to strength. Urban children had an advantage over their rural counterparts. As was his wont, he decided to do something about it. He founded the Bhaktavatsalam Educational Trust in 1958 and started the first of many rural schools in Tamil Nadu. In 1967-68, during his first break from parliamentary life, Mr Alagesan founded the Brindavan Public School in Coonoor, to counter the fact that Public Schools catered almost exclusively to the elite sections of society. The school provided exemplary, yet accessible, public school education to a broader cross section of society and was soon being counted among the best in the region. With the same principles and motive, Brindavan Public Schools in Athur/Chengalpattu and Kodaikanal were founded in 1975 and 1983 respectively.

The uniqueness of any institution is a reflection of its founder and the Brindavan Schools are run on the same founding principles. At Brindavan, we aim to nurture exemplary human beings that have a sense of integrity and dignity and the confidence to stand for what they believe in.